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Be part of an amazing and liberating experience by creating an improvised story, spontaneously, as a group. Filmed on both normal and 360 degree cameras the story will be cut and uploaded to the Scallabouche YouTube channel.

Improvised storytelling is a completely different art form to other storytelling forms.  It is about liberating your spontaneous and intuitive creativity and surprising yourself with your unique thoughts.  At SiteSpecific, we provide the inspiration and the interventions all you have to do is give us your imagination and join your story with the other storytellers improvising with you.

The event will be run like a theatre rehearsal, with warm up exercises to explore the unique space as well as time to  practice the techniques that will be used in the final improvised storytelling.

This event will be in English. 

The event will be directed and conducted by Alexis Latham - Actor, Director, Theatre Maker and filmed by Csongor Dombovari - film maker.


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